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"It is not important how many times you fall, but how many times you stand up" - Novak Djokovic
About Me;

Hiii, I'm Fiona.

Music, caffeine, cheeseburgers, good wine, guitar, books, movies, the atp, art, PS3, lazy days, travelling, talking, eating, sleeping, laughing.

Message me if you want to be friends and I'll most likely add you back. Just make sure we have something in common:) FYI this journal consists of 99.99999% tennis ramblings/fangirling over a certain Novak Djokovic - no Djoke. You have been forewarned!

Wh-what? Oh you're asking why I put an absurdly large heart there...
Rafa/Nole are my OTP. Rafa/Nole + glasses = OT3.

Jeff Buckley said that Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was his Elvis. Well, Jeff is my Nusrat. R.I.P Scotty Moorhead ♥
"Music seems to me to be the most closely identified with my soul...It just gets into the bloodstream so quickly, for no reason at all. You can close your heart, and you can sleep even with your eyes closed, but you can never close your ears."
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